price guide

A guide to help estimate the cost of renovating your wooden floor. Request a quote online and recieve 10% discount on your Sand and Seal price.

Sanding and Sealing

Carpet Lifting

Mass Filling


Furniture Moving & Hardboard Removal



Fitting Solid Wood Floor

Board Replacement


Fitting a 'Reclaimed' Floor

Fire Hearth/Concrete Removal


Fitting Engineered Floor

  1. Sanding and Sealing

    Full sanding and sealing with 3 coats of High Traffic Lacquer
    From £20 per m2
    Price depends on number of sq m, number of rooms, condition of boards, hallways, type of wood, etc.
  2. Mass Filling

    Filling every gap between every board with resin & dust
    £5.00 per m2
    Resin joint filling: Filling all of the gaps between the boards using a mixture of the wood 'flour' & cellulose resin to make a fast drying paste. NB: This technique is great for gaps up to 5 or 6mm and when the boards are properly fixed and don't move. Over this width, there is the risk of the resin dropping in places & wood filleting is preferable.
    Wood Filleting: Filling gaps of approx 6mm upwards with strips of reclaimed victorian floorboards.
    £10.00 per m2
    Filling gap between the skirting board and floor board with 2 component professional filler and sanding to basic prep
    £10.00 per linear metre
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  3. Staining

    Adding a colour to make your floor darker
    £5.00 per m2
    Changing the colour/tone of your floor using professional, extremely stable Methyl alcohol 'light-fast' wood stains - £5.00 per m2 (per coat). One coat is normally sufficient in most cases, however, if an extremely dark finish is required such as the 'Ebonized' look using Jacobean oak stain, this could necessitate 3 or 4 coats to achieve the desired effect.
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  4. Board Replacement

    To supply and fit of reclaimed floor boards
    £3.50 per foot (up to 6" wide)
    To supply & fit reclaimed Victorian boards
    £3.50 per running foot
    (Consult us on the price of Georgian boards) 
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  5. Fire Hearth/Concrete Removal

    £200.00- £250.00 depending on size
    Breaking up of hearths, installation of joist timber & re-running of floorboards - £200 / £250 (excludes materials such as reclaim floorboards but includes all labour).
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  6. Accoustic Insullation

    Between £12.50 - £15.00 m2
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  7. Carpet Lifting

    £25.00 per room (per average size room)
    Includes removal of all carpet & carpet 'gripper' strips. This is a removal service & does not include disposal.
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  8. Furniture Moving & Hardboard Removal

    £25 per hour (1 hour minimum)
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  9. Fitting Solid Wood Floor

    £20-30 per m2
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  10. £20 - £30 per m2 (approx)
    We can source reclaimed Victorian Floor boards for boards for you from approx £30/£35  per m2 (depending on width, age and so on).
    NB This is great to lay in a loft conversion as it wont shrink (like new pine or 'deal') and has an attractive natural patina when sanded & lacquered.
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  11. Fitting Engineered Floor

    £17-25 per m2
  12. Please Note: Minimum charge for any job is £300.00
    Click here for an Online Quote now and receive 10% discount on your Sand and Seal cost.
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