renovation & repair

Old victorian wooden floor boards are often damaged and in a generally poor state of repair. We can sensitively carry out all necessary reparation prior to sanding and finishing. We can restore and repair all wooden period structural, wooden floorboards, parquet and wooden staircases. We can also remake and adapt your floor, carrying out hearth removal, rebuilding thresholds and so on. If in doubt, please ask.

wooden floorboards

This is by far the most frequent form of restoration that we carry out.

Original, structural pine floors in period properties suffer all sorts of abuse over the years, from woodworm, insensitive electricians and plumbers to overzealous DIY alterations. Often an old pine floor is no more than a jigsaw puzzle of loose, worn and damaged boards with 'stray' new pine boards sticking out like a sore thumb.

As ever, the success of the final finish is 70% dependent on the preparation & restoration work carried out before the sanding machines are ever turned on.

wooden staircases

Wooden staircases can be striped and in finished in as many ways as wooden floors from sensitive period restoration to more contemporary bespoke and painted finishes. We can renovate all the elements of a wooden staircase and offer you help and advice along the way.

hearth removal

Unused hearths in front of chimney breasts can be an eyesore, and break up the continuity of a stripped Victorian pine floor.

We can break-up these hearths, install joist work, lift and stagger the original boards, mixing in reclaimed material to give a neat and imperceptible finish, once fully sanded and sealed. You’ll never know that there was once a hearth there.

Laying of reclaimed floorboards

Gap filleting

Georgian staircase renovation

Hearth to be removed